About us

About Maple Spider

Maple Spider creates the perfect marketing web

Maple Spider provides services that give your business a clear competitive advantage. We create websites that are hard to get unnoticed. We don't stop there - The Maple Spider crawls ahead and makes your website the best marketing tool for your business. There are hundreds of web development and digital marketing companies around the world, but what makes us different is experience, expertise, track record and above all, hundreds of trusted customers and verifiable testimonials. We understand the ever-changing technology world and the need for your business to stay ahead of your competitors.

What Makes Us Outstanding

Here are some of the reasons why you should engage us to take your business to the next higher level:

  1. One Stop Digital Marketing Company : We are your one-stop for web-based services like website (re)design, website development, website maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), application and software development, social media optimization and online advertising.
  2. Client First Attitude : Our first and foremost priority are our clients. We are easily accessible and strive to answers complaints in record time. We thrive to ensure utmost customer satisfaction and this can be witnessed through our consulting, product development, project delivery and management team’s approach to you.
  3. Unparalleled Experience : We are a group of highly skilled digital marketing consultants, web designers, and developers with years of experience and ongoing education so we stay abreast of the latest technologies while working on client's projects.
  4. No Hidden Charges : You can be certain that the estimate we provide is the final cost. We do not bill any hidden charges that you are not aware of. This is why people trust us and have high degree of confidence in our approach.
  5. Great Work Ethics : We are creative professionals that know the value of great work culture and environment. This is visible by our prompt project deliveries and also a thorough professional outlook while working alongside of our clients.
  6. Show Early Show Often Methodology : We consult with our clients in every step to ensure that we are meeting their needs. We demo the system during the development process and have several testing methodologies before rolling out the final product.
  7. Loyalty Program : Our services’ fees are always fair and additionally we offer further business discounts for our consulting charges to our long-standing customers as a sign of appreciation. We do value our client's continued use of our services and we strive to retain our clients. To this end, we also provide customized add-on and special solutions to our customers who have used our end-to-end services and have allowed us to provide value in the success of their business.